2014 - 2015 PIE Associates


Stephanie L. Bradley

Department of Sociology

Instructional excellence and pedagogical knowledge form the center of Stephanie's professional goals. In fact, her quest to earn a PhD was born from a deep interest to become a teaching-focused college professor. After attending Clemson University, Stephanie lived throughout North and South Carolina as she built a career in banking. Initially a branch manager and retail lender, she most recently served as a corporate trainer and, subsequently, corporate training manager. In this capacity, her passion for teaching came alive, so much so that she left the private sector in pursuit of a life in the academe. Now in her fourth year of graduate school in FSU's Department of Sociology, she balances research demands with a strong desire to improve both her teaching acumen and that of others. To that end, Stephanie is honored to serve her department and the broader graduate student teaching assistant community as a 2014-15 PIE Associate!


Brandon Brice

Department of Economics

Brandon Brice is entering the fourth year of his economics PhD program. He has passed his comprehensive exams and is mostly finished with his field classes. Currently he is working on his dissertation related to conflict and its effects on political and economic institutions, as well as focusing on teaching. To date he has taught principles of macroeconomics, a large section of principles of microeconomics, and developed a curriculum for and is currently teaching economic development. In the fall and spring semesters for the 2014-15 academic year he will be teaching an online version of Common Sense Economics. For his teaching during the 2013-14 academic year, he won the Charles E. Rockwood Teaching Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher and was nominated for PIE's Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. He believes that successful teaching begins with a passion about the material, and to make learning as fun and engaging as possible.


Jeremiah Campbell

Department of Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences

Jeremiah Campbell is from Dallas Texas. He received his BA in Biochemistry from Austin College and his MS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Exercise Physiology under the supervision of Dr. Arturo Figueroa. He is currently researching the use of whole body vibration training on cardiovascular diseases and other techniques in cardiovascular physiology. His future goal is to conduct research in cardiovascular physiology.


Casey Delehanty

Department of Political Science

Casey Delehanty is a Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at Florida State. In the past, he has taught International Relations and Latin American Politics, and currently teaches a course on Political Violence. His research centers on civil conflict, and his dissertation investigates the causes and effects of internal displacement during civil wars.


Mia Gormandy

Department of Musicology

A doctoral student in ethnomusicology and the current director of Florida State University's steelband, Mia Gormandy is a native of Trinidad and Tobago where she began playing the steelpan at age 5. Mia moved on to perform in several different countries all over the world including Australia and Austria. At age 15, Mia attained a full scholarship to attend Northern Illinois University where she graduated with a bachelor's and master of music degree in steelpan performance. Mia then attained a second master's degree in ethnomusicology at FSU. She is currently pursing a PhD in ethnomusicology at FSU where she has taught several music lecture classes and was recently awarded the prestigious Howard Mayer Brown Fellowship by the American Musicological Society for her research of pan in Japan.


Sarah Wilcoxon

School of Dance

Sarah Wilcoxon earned a Masters in Communication from Illinois State University, during which time she was the instructor of record for Communication as Critical Inquiry as well as the teaching assistant for one semester of Communication Theory. Her thesis examined dance as a form of rhetoric for social change. At Florida State, Sarah is pursuing her MFA in Dance. She works on publicity for the School of Dance as well as teaches as instructor of record in their General Dance Studies program. Sarah is also president of the Graduate Dance Council and co-director of the Interdisciplinary Performance Symposium (funded by the Graduate School).


Micah Lomax

Department of Music Theory

Micah Lomax is a second-year doctoral student studying Music Theory and Composition, and holds a Master's degree in Music Theory and Composition from FSU and a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Maranatha Baptist University. He is the former Director of Choral Activities at Howard W. Blake High School in Tampa, Florida, and has past teaching experience at the elementary, middle school, high school, and university levels. His research interests include both Pop music and the development of new approaches to the analysis of Russian music.


Carmen Maria Marcous

Department of Philosophy

Carmen Maria Marcous is a student in the doctoral program in Philosophy at Florida State University. Her past teaching experience includes service with Teach for America, the Head Start Program, and ACES Academic Tutoring. More recently, Carmen served as an instructor and teaching assistant for undergraduate courses in feminist philosophy and the philosophy of race, class, and gender.


Jhoanna Méndez

Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics

Jhoanna Méndez is originally from Santiago, Dominican Republic and was raised in Miami, Florida. She received her B.A. in Spanish and Psychology at Florida State University and then took a year off to teach high school. She is currently a Masters student at Florida State University focusing on feminist Latin American Literature, specifically Caribbean narratives, and is also teaching basic Spanish language courses. She has taught SPN1121 and is now simultaneously serving as the coordinator and one of the Instructors for SPN2220.


Kate Pierson

School of Theatre

Kate Pierson is a fourth year PhD student in the Theatre Studies program. She is starting her third year as a PIE Associate for the School of Theatre. Kate has been teaching for six years and has taught both theatre majors and non-majors. She has her BA in Theatre from Florida State and her Master's in Theatre Studies from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. Kate's research interests include contemporary British theatre, American theatre history, and race and gender critical theory.


Timothy Pressly

Department of Educational Psychology & Learning Systems

Tim is from Fort Worth, TX and entering his 4th year as a Ph.D. student in Learning & Cognition. He completed his undergraduate and Master's degrees at Texas Christian University, Go Frogs! His teaching experience includes teaching 4th grade in Fort Worth as well as Educational Psychology and Classroom Assessment at FSU. Tim's favorite teaching experience was when his students convinced him to dress up like Winnie the Pooh because it meant they would get engaged in the slightly boring material.


Luis Santiago

Department of Urban & Regional Planning

Luis is a 2nd-year doctoral student in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning at FSU. He received his Masters of Science in Planning with a specialization in Environmental Planning and Natural Resource Management and Bachelors of Science in Geography and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Ecology, all acquired during his tenure at Florida State University. He previously served as the Planning Statistics Lab teaching assistant at FSU and has been the instructor of Introduction to Environmental Planning and Resource Management for undergraduate students for two semesters. His research interests include policy analysis for natural resource agencies, fire management planning, community wildfire hazard mitigation, spatial modeling of land use and human-environment systems, sustainable development, and environmentally conscious land use design. Professionally, Luis has served as a Recreation Planning Associate/GIS Technician for two and a half years, serving one of those years as an intern. He also has extensive experience in University Financial Aid Administration. In his free time, Luis enjoys cycling, hiking, traveling, and playing video games.


Holly Widen

Department of Geography

Holly is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography at Florida State University. Her dissertation topic will be on tornado climatology where she plans to make connections between tornadoes and climate change as well as societal impacts. She received her M.S. degree in geography at Ball State University where her thesis was on winter storms in the Northeastern U.S. Holly completed her B.S. degree in geography at Indiana University with a concentration in atmospheric chemistry. In her free time Holly enjoys biking, yoga, rock climbing, watching sports, listening to music, storm chasing, tutoring, and volunteering with animals.

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