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A Brilliant Bunch: 2020-2021 PIE Associates

       The PIE associates for the academic year 2020-2021 have been selected.  Coming from different backgrounds and various disciplines, the fifteen PIE associates will work together to support their fellow graduate student teaching assistants both in their own departments, and campus-wide. The PIE program looks forward to a great academic year with these brilliant PIE associates.     

**The application for the academic year 2020-2021 is now open!

**IMPORTANT: To be eligible to be a PIE Associate for 2020-21 you must be available to attend a mandatory three day PIE Associate training two weeks before fall classes start (Wed. 8/12/20 - Fri. 8/14/20)! And you must also be available to assist with the 2020 Fall PIE Teaching Conference/TA Orientation (Wed. 8/19/20 & Thurs. 8/20/20).

Please note: As a PIE Associate, part of your duty would be to assist your academic department with their TA training. Therefore, the PIE Associate position also requires support from your department. Have your department chair/or TA adviser (directly) send us a support statement. The department chair/TA adviser email should address the nominee's attributes that make him/her a good fit for this position, and the department's willingness to require that all TAs in the department attend at least one workshop to be organized by the PIE Associate. The faculty member should send this email to pie-info@fsu.edu with subject line PIE Associate Support_your last name.

**Deadline for the submission of the 2020-2021 application is 11:59 PM Monday, May 11, 2020.

**To prepare your application:

  • You may download the application form to you prepare your responses (some questions require extended responses).
  • Have a copy of your CV/resume ready. You will be asked to upload it in the application survey.
  • Your application must be submitted through the link below:

**Click here to open the link to the application survey

*Note: There will be an optional PIE Associate Informational Session held on Friday, 4/24/20, from 1-2pm via Zoom. You may register to attend here:  https://fsu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bErKPQBt8J366EZ. If you have any questions about the PIE Associate Position, and/or would like to learn more feel free to attend, but attendance is not required for you to apply.


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PIE Associates at the Celebration for Graduate Student Excellence with Dean Mark Riley (Left), Provost Sally McRorie (Right) and Dr. Lisa Liseno (Second from right). 

Program Information

This program helps to improve teaching across campus by helping departments enhance their graduate student preparation programs and establish interdisciplinary connections and community among graduate students at FSU. This program is designed to be an outreach to academic departments and programs in support of individual departmental graduate student development.


Benefits of serving as a PIE Teaching Associate:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Foster collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching through peer interaction
  • Serve as a role model to enhance TA instruction within your own discipline and across the university
  • Enrich TA instruction across campus
  • Receive mentoring by PIE faculty
  • Keep up with best practices of learning/teaching/TA development
  • Gain experience in presenting workshops
  • Enhance your teaching portfolio for the job market

A PIE Teaching Associate is an experienced graduate student teaching assistant (TA) nominated by his/her academic department and trained by the Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE). They serve as mentors for other TAs in the department and assist PIE with university workshops, conferences, teaching awards, and other events. Successful candidates will demonstrate an interest in pedagogy and teaching related issues, a commitment to helping new graduate students, and a commitment to service and scholarly activities. PIE Teaching Associates serve for one academic year (fall and spring semesters) and earn a stipend of approximately $3,900.00 (stipend amount can vary from year to year) for his/her work of approximately 5 hours per week. It is a .1250 FTE (Note: The stipend received for participating in this program does not reduce the amount received for a teaching assistantship. However all graduate assistants cannot carry a combined FTE for multiple assistantships exceeding 0.75 FTE.

Funding for PIE Teaching Associates is provided by The Graduate School. Appointments are made for the academic year.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a graduate student
  • Have a strong interest in teaching
  • Be in good academic standing and progress toward degree
  • Have a TA appointment for the academic year
  • Availability to attend mandatory monthly meetings, PIE workshops, etc.
  • Prior graduate student teaching assistant (TA) experience at FSU (at least two semesters)
  • Commitment for the academic year
  • Availability to work approximately 5 hrs/week during the semester, plus training & Fall PIE Teaching Conference/TA Orientation (see specific dates above & below)
  • Obtain written department support (letter of recommendation) and approval


If selected PIE Teaching Associates agree to:

  • Attend a mandatory three day PIE Associate training two weeks before fall classes start (Wed. 8/12/20 - Fri. 8/14/20)
  • Attend PIE Associate meetings as scheduled (at least one meeting per month during each semester)
  • Conduct a department needs assessment
  • Develop a departmental proposal to support departmental TA training based on needs assessment, & set up meeting with department representative & PIE Director to discuss
  • Facilitate/set-up a departmental workshop
  • Present or co-present a University-wide a PIE Coffee Hour & Teaching Workshop
  • Attend and assist with PIE Coffee Hour & Teaching Workshops
  • Complete a mid-year report & set up meeting with department representative & PIE Director to discuss
  • Complete a final-report
  • Assist with PIE Teaching Conference/TA Orientations (Wed. 8/19/20 & Thurs. 8/20/20 for the fall, and Fri. 1/8/21 for the spring)
  • Serve on the PIE Teaching Training Recognition Committee (which means current PIE Associates may not themselves submit a report while they hold the PIE Associate position)
  • Serve on the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Committee (which means current PIE Associates may not themselves apply for --but could be nominated for--the OTAA while currently serving as a a PIE Associate)
  • Other assignments as required


Selection is determined by:

  • Department recommendation/support for position
  • Teaching Assistant (TA) Experience/and student evaluations
  • Number of TAs in their department
  • Commitment to the program
  • Career goals
  • Diversity (e.g., gender, ethnicity, disciplinary distribution)
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