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PIE is Moving! 

Move to CAT: As director Leslie Richardson announced at recent meetings, the preparation of graduate students to teach, formerly offered by the Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE), will now be offered by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching. CAT faculty and staff are delighted to support TAs in their development as teachers. In addition to offering the required online training, we will also be developing robust support through a variety of optional programming and services (e.g., workshops, reading groups, etc.).

Moving forward, please search for information on TA programming on the CAT website: https://teaching.fsu.edu/required-training/


Original PIE Mission Statement & Goals

The Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE), a unit of The Graduate School strives to enrich the learning experience for undergraduate students at FSU by supporting the teaching efforts of graduate student teaching assistants through its various services. PIE offers professional development programs that create opportunities to foster a sense of collaboration and community among all graduate student teaching assistants, and any graduate student interested in learning about best practices in teaching and learning at FSU.

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Program Goals and Objectives (former pie goals) 

  1. Promote FSU nationally and internationally as a leading research university committed to student learning.
  2. Orient graduate students to the University, its teaching policies, resources, and services.
  3. Provide awareness of teaching and learning best practices to improve the quality of undergraduate instruction by graduate student teaching assistants.
  4. Highlight and reward excellent teaching by graduate students.
  5. Support departments in developing departmental teaching assistant training programs.
  6. Establish mentoring relationships between experienced & new graduate student teaching assistants.
  7. Provide graduate students with opportunities for peer review of instruction.
  8. Provide teaching, leadership, mentoring, and service experiences designed to prepare graduate students for the range of responsibilities they will meet as future faculty members.
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