Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition: Basics of Teaching @ FSU

Note: This is NOT the mandatory TA Training, officially named the Biannual PIE Teaching Conference. The Basics of Teaching course is an optional professional development course, which does not satisfy mandatory ta training requirements. 

PIE has designed a series of online teaching modules, Basics of Teaching @FSU, in order to provide additional professional development for educators. If you meet the specific requirements outlined below, you will earn the Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition.

How do I enroll in the training? 

  • Send an enrollment request email to , and we will enroll you in the training. You will receive a notification email once you are enrolled.

When is the deadline for enrollment? 

  • It is suggested that you enroll within the first two weeks of any semester (including summer). However there is no actual enrollment deadline, but please keep in mind that once you are enrolled, you have two consecutive semesters to complete ALL requirements to earn the Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition. Please remember, this is not the mandatory TA training; this is intended to be an optional course for further development as an educator. 

What content is covered? 

  • The online training series consists of six content units: Developing a course syllabus; Knowing your teaching environment; Using Canvas for introduction; Planning teaching-learning activities; Student assessment; and Course evaluation and revision.

How much time will I spend? 

  • You are expected to spend one hour on reading, and two hours on practicing, each week for 14 weeks.

Are there other activities offered/requirements for completing this recognition? 

  • Yes, there will be at least three PIE Coffee Hour & Teaching Workshops held each semester (including the summer) virtually or in-person at The Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House. Topics related to the course content will be presented and discussed. 
  • To earn the Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition, you are required to successfully finish each of the online Modules for the Basics of Teaching @FSU and attend at least two of these workshops.