PIE Recognitions

PIE offers two types of Teaching Training Recognition (general and advanced) that graduate students may earn.

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PIE Teaching Training Recognition reports are accepted in the fall only. If you attend the Spring TA Orientation, you may also attend the Fall TA Orientation and you may submit a report at that time. Please also note, current PIE Associates may not submit a report, as they will be on the committee that reviews these reports.

The PIE Teaching Conference/TA Orientation provides graduate students with the framework to begin their teaching assignments at FSU. The completion of PIE training is a professional development activity that demonstrates knowledge obtained at the conference about FSU's policies on grading, professional conduct, academic integrity, classroom procedures, and strategies that engage students in the learning process.

Goal: The goal of the PIE Teaching Training Recognition is to document that graduate student teaching assistants have developed, or are in the process of developing, a reflective teaching practice by documenting insights gained by attending the PIE Teaching Conference and applying them to their own teaching practice.

2019 Requirements:

1. Attend ALL sessions of the Fall 2019 PIE Teaching Conference/TA Orientation. (Attendance is tracked by the Graduate School.)

2. Prepare a Report (one file) that contains:

Cover Page with: 1) your name as you would like it to appear on your recognition; 2) the name of your department; 3) approximate number of students you will teach in Fall 2019.

Two Reflective Statements (1 page maximum each - single spaced, 12 point font) that answer these questions: 1) Through the conference training on the following university policies; ADA, FERPA, sexual harassment, and academic integrity, what insights did you gain as you start your assignment as a TA? and 2) What are three strategies that you learned about at the conference that will be useful when you start teaching? How, specifically, do you plan to use these strategies?

A Teaching Philosophy Statement (no more than one page - single spaced, 12 point font). It is likely that you will be asked for such a statement at some point in your career. The statement is usually a one page document that provides a clear, concise account of your teaching approach, methods, and expertise. Each statement should be unique.

3. Submit Report - save the entire file with your last name_report (example: jones_report) and submit as an assignment on the 2019 TA Orientation organization Canvas site. To enroll to the conference Canvas site, click on this link: https://canvas.fsu.edu/enroll/TGTXCE and follow the instructions. The Canvas site will be open AFTER the conference is over. Your report will be due by 11:59 pm on Sunday, September 8th, 2019.

***Late submission will not be accepted.

***If you receive a R (revise) for your original submission, you can revise it and submit it again.

***You only have one chance to revise and resubmit your report.

Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition: Basics of Teaching @ FSU

PIE has designed a series of online teaching modules to provide a continuation of the Graduate Student Teaching Conference. If you meet the specific requirements, you will earn the Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition.

How do I enroll in the training? Send an enrollment request email to pie-info@fsu.edu , and we will enroll you in the training. You will receive a notification email once you are enrolled.

When is the deadline for enrollment? It is suggested that you enroll within the first two weeks of any semester (including summer). However there is no actual enrollment deadline, but please keep in mind that once you are enrolled, you have two consecutive semesters to complete ALL requirements to earn the Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition.

What content is covered? The online training series consists of six content units: Developing a course syllabus; Knowing your teaching environment; Using Canvas for introduction; Planning teaching-learning activities; Student assessment; and Course evaluation and revision.

How much time will I spend? You are expected to spend one hour on reading, and two hours on practicing, each week for 14 weeks.

Are there other activities offered/requirements for completing this recognition? Yes, there will be at least three PIE Coffee Hour & Teaching Workshops held each semester (including the summer) at The Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House. Topics related to the course content will be presented and discussed. To earn the Advanced PIE Teaching Training Recognition, you are required to successfully finish each of the online Modules for the Basics of Teaching @ FSU and attend at least two of these workshops.

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